Food Service Supervisor

Responsibilities Include:

  • Must have a current food manager’s license (ex. Servsafe) and maintain it, having a knowledge of food and beverage equipment and state regulations
  • Restaurant/food prep experience
  • Keep track of inventory, placing food orders, monitor what sells and what does not
  • Training staff on food prep and storage, and kitchen duties, software, customer interaction, opening and closing procedures
  • Overseeing a clean and organized work environment
  • Schedule staff based on park capacity
  • Knowledge of menu pricing
  • Enter merchandise into software system to maintain inventory

As well as:

  • Maximum customer interaction
  • Must be friendly and courteous and strive for excellent customer service
  • At minimum a current food handlers certificate (ex. Servsafe) : understand and execute proper food handling, and serving
  • Preparing simple foods: prepping pizza, scooping ice cream, making milkshakes, passing food through an impinging oven, etc.
  • Keeping cafe and kitchen clean: sweeping, dishes, garbage removal, cleaning equipment
  • Restock freezers and consumables
  • Must be comfortable working with money: closing a register for the day, maintaining proper change, counting out change
  • Must be comfortable working with a POS system
  • Must be comfortable answering phones
  • Assist with special events
  • Have a basic knowledge of the campground and current activities to answer guest questions
  • Must be able to handle working in a busy environment
  • Must be willing to work weekends and holidays
  • Must have reliable transportation
  • Must be able to lift 20 pounds